Anthony P. Andrews

Professor of Anthropology.  Arrived at New College of Florida in 1981.  B.A., Harvard University (1972); M.A. (1976), Ph.D. (1980), University of Arizona.

Professor Andrews is a Maya archaeologist and ethnohistorian who has done extensive field work in Mexico and Central America. Andrews was raised in Yucatan, Mexico, where his father, E. Wyllys Andrews IV, was an archaeologist. His brother, E. Wyllys Andrews V, is a Maya archaeologist at Tulane University. He has conducted fieldwork in Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and El Salvador. His research centers around the prehispanic and historic archaeology, ethnohistory, and history of southeastern Mesoamerica, with a primary focus on the Lowland Maya region of the Yucatan peninsula. Most of his fieldwork has been conducted in the coastal regions, and has been supported by the National Geographic Society, the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia of Mexico, the University of South Florida, and New College of Florida. He has published eight books and monographs, and more than 100 articles, book chapters, and book reviews, in both English and Spanish.

Teaching Subjects: Survey of Archaeology; Human Origins; Method and Theory in Archaeology; Ecological Anthropology; Urban Anthropology; Primate Evolution and Behavior; Andean Prehistory; Old World Prehistory; Ancient Mesoamerican Civilization; History and Culture of Mesoamerica; Maya Archaeology, Ethnography, and Ethnohistory, Latin American Historical Archaeology.

Research Topics: Prehispanic and historic Maya archaeology; coastal adaptations, ecology, subsistence and settlement patterns; trade and economics; Yucatecan history, historical archaeology, and historical cartography.


            Course Descriptions

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                                                      Ecological Anthropology (co-taught with Erin Dean)

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            Publications, Papers, and Reports  

            Coastal Surveys of the Maya Area

            Proyectos Isla Cerritos y Cupul, 1984-1988

                       Bibliografía de los Proyectos


            Proyecto Costa Maya, 1999-2003 (w/ related projects up to 2017)

                        - Map of Research Area

                        - 1999-2000 National Geographic Report

                        - 2001 National Geographic Report

                        - 2002 National Geographic Report

                        2015 National Geographic Report

                        - 2000 -- Reporte INAH

                        - 2001 -- Reporte INAH

                        - 2002 -- Reporte INAH

                        - Tzemé Chapel Report - Mexicon 2002

                        - Xtul: Puerto Salinero y Henequenero - Campeche 2002

                        - General Report - Mexicon 2004

                        - Reporte General - Guatemala 2004

                        - Proyectos Costa Maya &  Ciudad Caucel - FAMSI 2008

                        - Proyecto San Francisco de Paula y Kaxek

                                          Final Report to the National Geographic Society 2015

                                          Final Report to the Consejo Nacional de Arqueologia [INAH] 2017

                        - David S. Anderson & Proyecto Arqueoológico Xtobo Reports

                        - Proyectos del NW de Yucatán: Bibliografía 


            Selected Publications

            Puertos costeros del Postclasico temprano en el norte de Yucatán [Andrews 1978] 

            The Salt Trade of the Ancient Maya [Andrews 1980]

            Historical Archaeology of Yucatan [Andrews 1981]

            La Extinción de la foca en Yucatán [Andrews 1984]

             A Survey of Maya Salt Sources [Andrews 1984]          

            Isla Cerritos: An Itzá Trading Port on the North Coast of Yucatán [Andrews et al 1988]

            The Fall of Chichén Itzá: A Preliminary Hypothesis   [Andrews 1990]

            The Role of Trading Ports in Maya Civilization [Andrews 1990]

            Las salinas de El Salvador [Andrews 1991]

            The Rural Churches of Early Colonial Yucatán & Belize [Andrews 1991]

            An Ancient Maya Seaport at Isla Cerritos, Yucatán [Andrews 1995]

            La sal entre los antiguos mayas [Andrews 1997]

            El comercio marítimo de los mayas del Postclásico [Andrews 1998]

            El comercio maya prehispánico de la sal: nuevos datos y perspectivas [Andrews 1998] 

            Asentamientos coloniales en la costa de Quintana Roo [Andrews & Jones 2001]

            El antiguo puerto maya de Conil [Andrews 2002]

            New Perspectives on the Maya Salt Trade [Andrews & Mock 2002]

            The Northern Maya Collapse & its Aftermath [Andrews, Andrews V & Robles 2003] 
Some Historic Notes and Observations on Isla Cancún, Quintana Roo [Andrews 2006]

            Facilidades Portuarias Mayas [Andrews 2008]

            Travelers in the Night. A Discussion of Trade and the the Archaeological Visibility of Trade Enclaves, Ethnicity & Ideology [2010]


            Historical Archaeology of the Maya Area:  A Working Bibliography

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