Project Rosemary: Sarasota's Dead and Living History

 Rosemary Cemetery Sign

introductory plaque at the gates of the Rosemary cemetery

Project Rosemary is a partnership between the Rosemary committee, a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and restoring the Rosemary cemetery, Sarasota County, and New College of Florida.  

As a student of archaeology at New College of Florida, I undertook a month-long intensive investigation into and survey of the Rosemary Cemetery.  Seven other students and I, under the direction of project sponsor Professor Uzi Baram, surveyed the cemetery and researched its history.  This CD-ROM is one way to present our findings.

Teachers and Students should feel free to use this website, download and pass it around.  My goal in creating this is to get everyone interested in the history they pass, literally, on the way to school.  Enjoy, and if you have any questions about the contents of this CD, ask your teacher: she or he will have information about contacting me personally.

And no, to quiet those fears, we didn't dig at the Rosemary Cemetery.  Read on to find out what we did:

Team Rosemary

The Archaeology

Rosemary Cemetery in Sarasota's History


Have fun!

Lauren Hansen, New College student and Team Rosemary member


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