Team Rosemary

Team Rosemary

Sarasota County Historical Resources

6062 Porter Way, Sarasota, FL, 34232
Sarasota, FL 34236
Phone: 941-861-5000

Mission Statement of Sarasota County Historical Resources:

Historical Resources collects, catalogs, and maintains records of the history of Sarasota County; informs the public about Sarasota County history and historic preservation through weekly articles in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, scripts and images for use by SNN6, in-house and traveling exhibits, slide/lecture presentations, annual workshops for county teachers; maintains an historical archive and reference service for public interest and research; provides content expertise for community groups/individuals who develop plans for compliance with the historical chapter of APOXSEE and the development review ordinance; and locally designates historic resources in the county.

And from their website...

Sarasota County Historical Resources was created in 1988. It grew out of the county government's long-standing interest in preserving local history. This interest was first demonstrated through the formation of the Historical Commission in 1958 to advise the Board of County Commissioners.

By the way

Sarasota County is one of only two counties in Florida with a full-time staff archaeologist (Dade County is the other one). In 2002, the position was filled by Susan Lynne White, and she is pictured with Prof. Uzi Baram.  She is part of the team at the Dept. of Historical Resources. 

 oooh... what a tease.  You are SOOO curious about this repository of living and just-dead history that is housed in that unassuming complex on Porter Way, off of Cattlemen Road.  It's right there for you, Monday - Thursday  10 am - 3 pm.  It is staffed by a historian, archivist, archaeologist, and some pretty knowledgeable volunteers.