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Independent Study Projects

Below, in chronological order, are ISP projects sponsored by Professor Baram. Please use the listing for ideas for ISPs as well as the breadth of the professor's interests.

January 2022
Monumental Decisions: Reconciling the Confederate Commemorations in our Present and Future Possibilities 

January 2021
Interdisciplinary Research into Climate Change on the Florida Gulf Coast
Wish More
Autoethnographic Study of Identity

January 2020
Newtown Alive Internship
Historic Spanish Point Internship
Streets of Paradise Internship
Shell Tools of Sarasota County

January 2019
An Ethnographic Exploration of Turkish Cuisine
Research in Florida Archaeology
Readings in Heritage Studies (2 students)
Racism and Rising Sea Levels in Sarasota (4 students)

January 2018
Experimental Archaeology: Atlatl (5 studnets)
Early 19th Century Material Culture (5 students)
A Landscape Study of Overtown
Introduction to Climate Science Study
Backpack Exploration of Indigenous Arkansas

January 2017
Museology: Exhibiting Florida Archaeology (11 students)
History of the Gaza Strip
Ecologies, Performance, and Material Culture

January 2016
On Research Leave

January 2015
Heritage Interpretation of the Campus Historic Mansions (3 students), co-taught with Brendan Goff
Jerusalem Policy & Politics
Practicum in Public Health - Sarasota Community Needs Assessment (3 students)

January 2014
Racialized Landscapes of Sarasota (2 students)
Gender and Diversity Center Revamp Project (4 students, co-sponsored with Sarah Hernandez)
Persian Cultural History and Arabian Nights
Anthropology of Morocco
Moroccan Perceptions: A Literacy and Anthropological Approach
NATO and the Turkish Military

January 2013
Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology (16 students taught by Maranda Kles-Almy)
Internship on Archaeological and Environmental Education
Internship in Architectural Preservation
All Faiths Food Bank Internship
Performances of Archaeology
Ataturk and his Creation of Modern Turkey
India's Third Gender

January 2012
Internship at the All Faiths Food Bank in Sarasota 
Survey of the Pre-Columbian Mounds of West Central Florida 
Chinese Ethnicity and Inequality Annotate Bibliography 
Helen Keller 
Historic Photography 
Internship and Research with the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP) 
Internship at SPARCC 
Israel and Palestine through Film 
Literature Review of Japanese History and Culture 
Neot Semadar Field Experience: An Examination of Communal Life in Israel 
Palestinian Literature in a Modern Social Context 
Race in American Popular Medias 
Ruskin Heritage Database 

January 2011
Archaeological Laboratory Methods
Flint Knapping and Ethnoarchaeology (3 students)
Representing the Past
Conversations about Family History and Heritage
Anthropology of Wine
Anacostia Museum Internship Experience
Norwegian Metal in a Global Context
Summer 2010
World War II Interment and POW Camp Archaeological Field School in Hawaii
January 2010
Documentary Radio & Audioethnography ("group ISP" run by Sam Greenspan; 6 students)
Survey of the Myakka River
January 2009
Agriculture and Social Complexity
Anthropology of Emotions
Archaeological Travels and Readings in Egypt
Beer and Barley in Mesopotamia
Beth Hatefutsoth: Examining the Message of the Jewish Diaspora Museum
Heritage, Commemoration, and Israeli National Identity
Imaging Israel
Internship at Crowley Museum
Internship at Nordic Heritage Museum
Origins of Zionism
Re-Recovered Roots: Heritage and Israel
Social Services in Israel, How Have They Changed
Ulpan Akiva
Summer 2008
Captivity and Community in Early New York: Field School in Archaeological Methods
Jerusalem Images
Sight and Sound: Documentary Studies in New York City
January 2008
Introduction to Museum Studies ("group ISP" with 8 students), co-taught with Valerie Bell of South Florida Museum
Israel Photo-journal (2 students)
Representation and Experience at the Holy Land Experience (2 students)
Anthropology and Gender (2 students)
An Introduction to Visual Anthropology
Writing Archaeology
Anthropological Study of Kinship
Dalits in Modern Indian Society
Sushi as a Global Trend
Summer 2007
Ethnographic Field School at Northwestern University
Zooming in on the McEmpire
Investigation of Social Work in Tanzania
January 2007
Critical Race Theory
The Anthropology of Marx and Foucault
Politics of the State of Israel
The Israel Experience
The Livnot Experience
Visual Representations of Ancient Israel
Navaho Witchcraft
Introduction to Archaeology
Analysis of French, Italian, and Spanish Cultural Stereotypes
January 2006
Museum Internship: Little Salt Spring Exhibit at the Sarasota County History Center (5 students)
Gender, Heritage, and Border Crossing: The Scholarship of Ruth Behar ("group ISP" with 10 students), co-taught with Miriam Wallace and Sonia Labrador-Rodriguez
Cultural Geography of Israel
Theoretical and Philosophical Concerns for Ceramics
January 2005
Visual Anthropology (3 students)
Representing the Colonial Encounter
Images of Morocco
Egyptian Artifacts in Late Bronze Age Canaan
Study of the Yom Kippur War/October War
Gender, Folklore, and Kabala
Walls of Israel
Museum Internship at the Ringling Museum of Art
Summer 2004
Excavations on Cyprus
Race, Ethnicity, and Collective Memory
January 2004
Grand Tours ("group ISP" with 7 students), co-taught with Professor Wallace
Healing in Cross-Cultural Perspective
West African Kinship Study
Museumology at the Sarasota History Center
January 2003
Public Archaeology in Sarasota:  Excavations at Little Salt Spring ("group ISP" with 6 students)
Anthropology and Education
Arctic Studies Overview
Biblical Archaeology
Summer 2002
The Anthropology of Style
Archaeological Field School at Annapolis
Archaeological Field School in Northwest Florida (2 students)
Excavations in Italy
January 2002
Historical Preservation in Sarasota County: Preserving the Rosemary Cemetery ("group ISP" with 8 students)  
Journalism Seminar in Israel 
January 2001
Archaeology Month Exhibit for Sarasota County ("group ISP" with 4 students)
Pre-Industrial Technology
Study of Irish History and Archaeology
History within Oral History: Shonone Interviews
Readings in Food and Culture
Readings in Ecology, Development, and Anthropology
Western Bargaining Study
Ethnographic Films: Explorations in Race and Gender
Summer 2000
Presentations of the Viking Past in Denmark
Archaeological Field School on Malta
Archaeological Field School at Colonial Williamsburg
Educational Goals among Mexicans in Sarasota
January 2000
Architectural History Internship at the John Ringling House
The Work of A.B. Yehoshua
Kibbutz Ulpan
Psychoactive Plants: A Searchable Database
Readings in Ethnobotany
Ethnographic Interviews in Sarasota
Female Genital Mutilation: Emic versus Etic Perspectives
Creative Photography
January 1999
Archaeological Excavations at Ein Gedi, Israel (group ISP for 5 students)
Hebrew Conversation
Mound Survey in Florida
Landscape Photography
Internship at the South Florida Museum
Reading Vine Deloria
Readings on the Anthropology of Tourism
January 1998
Ethnography on a Jewish American in the 1920s and 1930s
Ethnography of Grandparents in Rural Florida
Photography and Visual Anthropology
Beginning Arabic
Archaeological Dig in Ein Gedi, Israel
Ethnography of the MARTA - Observations as a Passenger