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Sponsored Theses by Year of Graduation

New College requires a thesis as a graduate criterion. Faculty sponsor a thesis and the student defends the work in front of a baccalaureate committee (for the below, typically two from Anthropology and a third from another discipline). Below are the theses I have supervised, organized by year; the vast majority are in Anthropology, some are Anthropology/Gender Studies and others are International Studies/Middle East, Anthropology/Environmental Studies, and Social Sciences and General Studies; the key words come from the library classification. The theses are available at the college’s Cook Library (as PDFs for the New College community and as physical volumes in the Thesis Room).

Personal Plots: Domination and Resistance in the Soviet Kolkhozy 1928-1938
Varnon, Matthew
Soviet Kolkhozy; Kolkhozniks

The Gravestones of Bow, New Hampshire: 1800-1865
Blanding, Alison L.
Gravestones; Bow, New Hampshire; New Hampshire

Adrift at Sea: Narratives of Cuban Rafters
Diaz-Balart, Anna Maria
Cuban Immigrants; Illegal Immigrants; Cuban Rafters

An Investigation of Human Remains from Casey Key
Kuhn, Lisa
Human Remains; Casey Key, FL; Sarasota County, FL

And the Brides Shall Ride Horses: Contested Spaces of Gender in a Rajasthani Village
Rollings, Robert W.
India; Rajasthani Village; Spatial Relationships

Archaeological Perspectives on Ethnicity on Cyprus
Caldwell, Aaron
Ethnicity; Archaeology; Cyprus

Gay Turks in Germany: The Invisible Minority
Harkins, Dennis Tyson
Turkish Community; Gay Turks; Homosexuality in Germany

The East Goes West: The Reunification of Germany as Seen From the Ethnography of the East
Heath, Catherine Ann
East Germany; Reunification of Germany; German Democratic Republic

The Translation of Distance: Travel Narrative and Orientalism in the Eastern Mediterranean
Higgins, Anna Moore
Travel Writing; Orientalism

Glass Inlayed Gravestones: Historical Archaeology of Irish Funerary Folk Art
Dunn, Shannon
Irish Archaeology; Irish Funerary; Gravestones

Native Americans and Archaeologists: The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
Trinkle, Leslie G.
Native Americans; Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

The Pharaohs Go Global: The Commodification of Ancient Egypt and Its Sale on eBay
Jacobs, Alison
ebay; Egypt; Commodification; Egyptian Artifacts

Baile na hAilte: The History and Landscape of a Nineteenth Century Irish Village
Pettit, Jr., Daniel
Irish Archaeology; Historical Archaeology; Nineteenth Century Ireland; Irish History

History, Identity, and the Politics of Exclusion: The Roma of Northern Europe
Windsor, Alicia
Race; Roma; Europe

Permanent Displays of Social Distinction: AVisual Ethnographic Analysis of the Facially Tattooed
Larson, Mandy L.
Anthropology of the Body; Visual Anthropology; 'Modern Primitive'

The Historical Archaeology of Brothels
Robinson, Lynn
Historical; Archaeology; Prostitution

Touring a Florida Plantation: Historical Archaeology of Gamble Plantation 1842-1858
Silpa, Felicia
Archaeology; Gamble Plantation; Florida Plantation

Moluscan Exploitation at the Lighthouse Bayou Site (8GU114), A Multi-Companent, Large-Gastropod Midd
Desjardins, Sean P. A.
Prehistoric Archaeology; Shell Midden; Florida Archaeology

Recovering the Landscapes of the Second Seminole War: A Historical Archaeological Approach
Werner, William
Seminole Wars; Historical Archaeology; Nineteenth-Century Forts

Teaching Peace to Youth: Coexistence in Israel and Abroad
Huber, Jeff
Coexistence; Peace; Israel

The Application of the Harris Matrix to Rosemary Cemetery
Sumrow, Kimberly M.
Cemetery; Sarasota, FL; Harris Matrix

An Introduction to Traditional Healing and Protection of the Middle East in Contemporary America
Antoszewski, Michael
Sufism; Shi'a; Talisman; Sufi; Amulet; Alternative Medicine; Health; Ritual; Hamza; Iran; Medici

Archaeocartography: 'Muffling Inclusiveness' in the Maps of Medieval and Early Modern London
Shanks, Mary Kathryn
Maps; London; Archaeology

Hidden Histories A Historical Archaeology Approach to the The Tabby House Ruins at Desoto National M
Svekis, Sherry Robinson
Manatee River; Bradenton, FL; Tabby; Bunce; Rancho; Angola; Angulo; DeSoto; National Park

Striking Ybor Gold: Heritage Marketing in a Latin Quarter of Tampa, Florida
Irwin, Kate
Heritage Marketing; Ybor City; Anthropology of Tourism

Ancient Adventures in a Newly Constructed Past Exploring the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida
Ingram, C. Tara
Heritage; Theme Parks; Authenticity

Gendered Archaeology of the God Pan on Cyprus
Mullersman, Sarah
Pan; Gender; Archaeology

Tea Tasting: A Historic-Anthropological Study of Tea Cultivation and Commodification
Savage, Christine E.
Tea; World-System; Marketing; East India Company; Drug-Food; Ethnography; Commodification

An Ecological Anthropology of the Israeli National Water Carrier
Gomez, Mitchell
Israel; Middle East; Water Rights; Political Ecology

The Ethiopian Jewish Community: Transition and Change in Israel
Schwartz, Miriam
Ethiopian Jews; Immigration; Israel

The Five Points of the Pentacle: Pagan Identity in Sarasota Florida
Boyle, Story L. L. M. D.
Ethnography; Community; Anthropology; Wiccan; Gardner, Gerald

Interracial Intimacy in Apartheid and Post-Apartheid South Africa
Blignaut, Salome
Apartheid; Post-Apartheid; South Africa; Race; Interracial Intimacy

Myths, Floods and Archaeology of the Ancient Middle East
Sullivan, Jennifer
Gilgamesh; Ballard, Robert; Noah; Woolley, Leonard; Oral Histories; Floods

Radio Silence: Paradoxes in Audioethnography at Tallevast, FL
Greenspan, Sam
Tallevast; Radio; Race; Environmental Racism; Audioethnography; Ethnography; Ethnographic Silence

Constructing a Public Archaeology at Historic Spanish Point in Osprey, Florida
Garte-Wolf, Steven
Archaeology; Public; Osprey

Looking East: Muslim Identity in the Archaeological Record of American Enslavement
Allen, Kacie
Archaeology; Slavery; Islam

Shopping for Ornaments at the "Ornament of All Galilee": Zippori National Park in Israel 
Avron, Lisa
Tourism; Heritage; Zippori National Park

The 1.5 Generation of the Bosnian Diaspora
LeLaurin, Jennifer H.
1.5 Generation; Immigrants; Refugees; Acculturation; Cultural Brokerage

Was Bedeutet Bio fur Euch Exploring Collaborative Research on a Demeter Farm in Germany
Reed, Lee Ellen
Collaboration; Demeter; Farming; Organic Agriculture; Germany

Recovering The Temple Mount: The Politics of Place, Memory and Identity
Summit-Gil, Britney
Israel; Jerusalem; Temple Mount; Judaism; Bible; Archaeology; Zionism; Poetry; Place; Memory; Identity

Representing Rwanda: Anthropology's Role in Witnessing Genocide
Collins, Kaitlyn
Genocide; Rwanda; Witness; Race; Ethnicity

Traditional Place and Feminist Space: The Japanese Tea Ceremony Makes Room for Empowerment
Boecher, Morgan
Tea Ceremony; Japan; Heterotopia; Feminism; Orientalism; Anthropology; Gender; Identity; Ethnography

A Resource for Harmony: An Ethnographic Study of Exhibition, Heritage, and Race at Family Heritage H
Chavez, Christina
Museums; Material Culture; Exhibition

An Anthropology of Remembering: Queer Theory, Collaborative Archaeology and the Apalachee Past
Bloch, Lee
Native American Studies; Gender Studies; Collaborative Methods

Custodian of Inclusion: An Exploration of Parliamentary Democracy and the Ambiguity of Identity Politics
Chesley, Cassie
Israel; Israeli; Law of Return; Jewish Identity; Immigration Law; Secular-Religious Divide; Identity

Handling Sushi: People and Places of a Transnational Cuisine
Wilco, Mark
Sushi; Transnational; Food; Embodiment; Anthropology; Rice; Seaweed

The Great Ringling: A Critical Archaeology of Cad'zan in Sarasota, Florida
Sanderson, Michael
Ringing; Sarasota; Archeology

What Do the Textbooks Say? An Anthropological Study of Highschool American History Curriculum Conten
Montgomery, Chelsea
American History; Achievement Gap; K-12 Curriculum Content

A Blaze In The Northern Sky - A Symbolic Analysis of Ethnicity in the Early Norwegian Black Metal Scene
Van de Castle, Eric
Black Metal; Norway; Ethnicity

A Giant's Strength: A Multisited Spatial Biography in 19th Century Florida
Usherwood, Elizabeth Ann
Historical Archaeology; Florida; 19th Century

Archaeology Rolls into the Public Sphere: An Introduction to Florida Public Archaeology Network'
Crews, Rozalyn E.
Archaeology; Education; Florida Public Archeology Network; Public Archeology

Creating an Interactive Past: Digital Technologies for Public Representation of Archaeological Sites
Santos, Alexis
Archaeology; Anthropology; Technology; Digital; Representation

The Enduring Landscape the Archaeology of Seminole Ethnogenesis in West-Central Florida
Waas, Michael
Seminole; Myakka River; Peace River; Charlotte Harbor; Archaeology; Ethnogenisis

The Ethical and Practical Limitations of the Use of Anthropology in The Military
Dolan, Morgan
Human Terrain System; Anthropological Ethics; Military Engagement

The Ainu of North Japan
Darrow, Evan

Gender and the African Burial Ground
Parks, Ashley

Meaningful Ruins: Public Memory and the Transitional Landscape of the Braden Castle of Bradenton, Florida
Roach, Rachel

Across Borders: A Historical Archaeological Approach to Plantation Landscapes in Florida, Jamaica, and Western Cuba
Small, Travis

Iraq in Jordan: An Anthropological Examination of Iraqi Refugees in Jordan
Ulloa, Silvia 

Cornerstone of Zion: The Archaeology of the Latter-Day Saints
Andersen, Matt

Public Archaeology on Private Property: A Case Study of Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park
Bernhardt, Arielle

A Wreck of a Site: An Archaeological Examination of Cauldrons from the Storm Wreck, 8SJ5459
Carter, Annie

The Multiplicity of Heritage at Warm Mineral Springs
Johnson, Jodi

Exploring Anthropology's Potential as a Catalyst for Reformation in American Pedagogy
Ouellette, Nicole

Frog Creek Burial Mound (8Ma44): An Addition to the Safety Harbor Period Archaeological Record
Paschal, Theresa

The Manasota Key Cemetery (8SO1292): Insights into Everyday Life in the Manasota Period (800 BCE-500 CE) on Florida's Gulf Coast
Aric Archebelle-Smith

The Ground Shakes Even in Paradise: Identity, Resistance, and Image in Waiahole-Waikane Valley, Hawaii
James Carillo

Conversations on Race, Mental Health, and Community in Newtown, Sarasota
Leah Duncan

No Future in Progress: The Embodiment of "Illegality" in Rabat, Morocco
Zachary Natale

Talking Landscapes and Ways of Seeing: A Multidisciplinary Archaeological Perspective on Oral Tradition Among Turkana Peoples
Katherine O'Brien

Played to the Bone: Skeletal Trauma, Assumptions of Warfare, and an Apalachee Ballgame in Spanish La Florida
Nancy Shipley

Heroines, Healers, and Heretics: Examining the Iconography of the Witch from Antiquity to Now
Eve Burns

10 Square Miles of Food Justice: How Ithaca, New York is Breaking Bread to Bridge Communities
Julia de Aragon 

Living With/In Disaster: Interpreting Heritage Through Performance in the Time of Climate Change
Rachel Ceciro

Queer as Florida: Gender and Sexuality Diversity in the Sunshine State
Hal Trejo

Playing Hong Kong: Defining Culture and Representing Identity in Sleeping Dogs
Kris Brzostek

Social Segmentation and K-means Analysis at Jiangzhai: Quantitative Analysis and the Social Formation of a Pre-dynastic Yangshao Banpo Phase Community.
Kirkland Judge Jones

“The Forward March of Humanity” in an Era of Change: Creative Works with Progressive Ideas and their Impact on Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century European Society
Alexander Koutelias

Social Segmentation and K-means Analysis at Jiangzhai: Quantitative Analysis and the Social Formation of a Pre-dynastic Yangshao Banpo Phase Community
Kirkland Judge Jones

Anthropology’s [Digital] Skeletons: Photogrammetry and the Documentation of Human Remains
Kara diComo

Performance Art and the Disruption of Colonialism in Museums
Evan Murdoch

Globalized Wedding Traditions of Contemporary Istanbul’s Urban Elite
Isabella Cibelli DuTerroil

Cryptozoological Tourism
Savannah Worthington

The COVID-19 Pandemic, Brownfields, and Racism: Environmental Perspectives on Crisis Multipliers
Charlie Leavengood