Reporting on Campus

You have the right to report a sexual assault.

Before choosing to file a report, you may wish to contact our confidential campus Victim Advocate, Concetta, 

to discuss your options and the reporting process.

You may reach the Victim Advocate at (941) 504-8599.

The Counseling and Wellness Center can also discuss this process with you.

If you wish to file a report, you can file one through the following people:

Erin Robinson, Psy.D., L.P., Ombudsperson, Title IX Coordinator

Robin Williamson, Interim Dean of Student Affairs, Title IX Investigator or (941) 487-4251

Dan Richardson, Interim HR Director, Title IX Investigator or (941) 487-4417

Campus Police Department

(941) 487-4210

Online Incident Reporting Form

Due to federal reporting guidelines, all college employees including RAs, faculty, NCSA employees, and staff are required to report any sexual assault that is disclosed to them.

However, these reports may leave the complainant anonymous.

Once a report has been filed...

The College will begin to investigate. That will include...

Preliminary interviews with complainant & accused

Evidence collection (note that this is not the same as a forensic examination)

During this process, interim measures will be taken to ensure safety. 

This may include academic accommodations, housing accommodations, no-contact orders, and providing counseling or other support services.

A hearing:

All involved parties (complainant/s, accused/s, and witnesses) will submit their testimonies. 

All parties are permitted the counselor of their choice. 

A partition should be provided to prevent direct confrontation between the two parties. 

Respondent found...

Not Responsible: The respondent will be permitted to remain a student and stay on campus. 

However, all no-contact orders and accommodations should remain in place. 

Responsible: Respondent may face explusion or suspension. 

All involved parties should be given the same opportunity to file an appeal.