Trans-Specific Resources

*TW: Transphobia, Dysphoria

Individuals of any and all genders can be victims and perpetrators of sexual violence.

Sexual Violence in the Trans Community
  • Approximately 50% of transgender people experience sexual violence at some point in their lifetime. (Grant, 2011)
  • One in ten transgender individuals have been sexually assaulted in at least one healthcare setting. (Stotzer, 2009)
  • The report found that transgender survivors were 2 times as likely to face threats/intimidation and experience harassment within violent relationships. (National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, NCAVP)

People who identify as trans are incredibly diverse. It is important to meet individuals where they are and not make assumptions.

Barriers for Reporting 
  • Body shame and dysphoria may be a service barrier for some individuals seeking medical services. 
  • Hotline counselors may assume a person’s gender based off their voice if individuals chose to call.
  • Harmful stereotypes about transgender survivors exist even within the LGBTQIA+ community.